Welcome to The Brewery

The Brewery is a bar, brewery, deli-cafe and wood fired pizza restaurant. Open from 7am until late (8am weekends), hosting live music most nights.Please come and enjoy our hospitality.
The Gallery captures a slice of the The Brewery in action.
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Thank you Thursday-$6 pints from 4-6pm

It's True! $6 pints of Cassels Beer 4pm-6pm every Thursday - come on down!

The Cassels Brewery is a pub ~ Rick

Rick Stevens - Bar ManagerThe Brewery is a Pub, but not in the modern NZ sense. The big breweries have changed what was once a great place to take your family and friends and replaced a great institution with their idea of what the customer wants.
At Cassels & Sons, we want to take our guests back to better times.



Cassels Burger $19.50 - Beef and manuka smoked pork pattie, with beetroot, gherkin, chipotle mayo, lettuce & fries

Veggie Burger $17.50 - Vegetable and chickpea pakora pattie, salad, raita, chutney & fries

Cassels Schnitzel $25.00 - Lemon crumbed pork served with potato salad, apple sauce and watercress

Woolston Market Rib-Eye $30.00 - 250g aged rib-eye served with a red wine jus, fries & greens

Fresh Market Fish and Chips $26.50 - Cassels & Sons Pilsner battered Woolston Market fish with fries, garden salad & chunky tartar

Caesar Salad $19.50 - Lightly dressed baby cos with garlic croutons, chicken and bacon with poached egg and anchovies

Bangers & Mash $25.00 - Cassels' famous sausage with creamy mashed potato & Milk Stout gravy

Seafood Chowder $16.00 - Creamy chowder of fresh seafood from the Woolston Market, served with soda bread

Please check the blackboard for daily specials


Fries with aioli and homemade tomato sauce - $9.00

Lemon pepper calamari with chipotle mayo - $12.50

Flat bread with hummus and olives - $12.50

Flat bread with chilli and garlic butter - $10.00

Mussels steamed with Cassels & Sons One P.A. - $14.00

Free range BBQ chicken wings - $14.00

Heathcote flat bread: tomato base, mozzarella, parmesan & herbs - $14.50

Garden Salad - $8.50

Brewers' Platter: Selection of Woolston Market meats, cheeses and smoked mussels with bread and dips - $35.00

All of our chicken, pork and eggs are free range and freedom farmed

WoodFired PIZZA (from 12pm)


Burnham $18 - Tomato base, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, red onion & mushrooms

Horotane $18 - Olive oil base, pear, blue cheese, bacon & thyme

Cassels & Sons ~ Our Story

I can remember my dad and uncle first getting keen on whole grain brewing in the early eighties. My dad used to mash and boil on the wood fired range at home in Sumner. Cleaning out the gear was always an onerous task but on sunny weekend afternoons we got to taste the goods and compare our beer with uncle Wintons.

BREAKFAST (from 7am midweek, 8am weekends)

Toasted Ciabatta with ricotta & jam - $7.50
House Beans & Toast $10.50, Free range Eggs on Toast $9.50
Poached Fruit & Muesli with Honey Yoghurt - $10.50
Freedom farmed Bacon and free range Eggs on Toast - $14.50
Brewer's Breakfast
- eggs, bacon, kranskys, mushrooms, rosemary potatoes, roast tomato & toast - $19.50
Creamy Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta - $15.50
Eggs Benedict with Ham - $16.50, Eggs Florentine - $16.50
Eggs Montréal - $18.50
Blueberry Pancakes & Maple Syrup - $16.50

SIDES: Roast Tomato $4.50, Black Pudding & chutney $5.00
Freedom farmed Bacon $5.00, Sautéed Spinach $4.50
Smoked Salmon $5.00, Roasted Portobellos $4.50
Rosemary Potatoes $4.50,Kranskys $4.50, Chutney $1.50
All our bacon is freedom farmed & all our eggs are free range

Woodsmoke, Music & Brew

It was the pleasant smell of woodsmoke that hit me first. Then the steady hubbub of contented conversation. Dishes and silverware clanking, clinking. And The Brewery‘s co-owner Zak, welcoming guests with a friendly, ‘G’day.’

The Brewery – a Hidden Treasure

It requires inside knowledge to hunt out some of the best finds in Christchurch, post the 2011 earthquakes that devastated this resilient and innovative New Zealand city. No more so than The Brewery in Woolston, owned by the Cassels family.

Cassels & Sons Tee Shirts!



We have an abundance of Cassels T shirts for sale, readily available at the bar - Light Owl, Elder Ale, Medicinal, Best Bitter, Milk Stout, Alchemist Pale Ale & Lager. Men's and women's T's only $35 including a free pint of Cassels Beer.

2012 NZ Brewers Guild Awards

In its 11th year, the Awards continued to be strongly contested with 460 entries in 2012. This year saw increased support from local breweries, with 20% more NZ entries than last year and 2012 also saw the Guild introduce a Beer Writer of the Year Award, which is great to see. This award was taken home for the first time by Phil Cook.

Tight-knit family behind Tannery project

FAMILY PROJECT: Zak Cassels, left, Alasdair Cassels and Joe Shanks in the Victorian-style arcade Tannery.

Georgina Stylianou checks in with the Cassels family to see how the development of their new retail site is progressing. It took vision and a strong family to turn an historic tannery site into a Victorian Arcade.

What once was an industrial eyesore discharging chemicals into the Heathcote River will soon be a haven for shopping, dining and entertainment. And the multi-million dollar idea, the brainchild of Christchurch businessman Alasdair Cassels, will breathe even more life into Woolston.

Woolston and the Heathcote River ~ An historic waterway and industrial suburb

The Woolston Tannery was built circa 1870 from brick by Gustav Lindstrom, great-great grandfather of one of the Cassels Sons.  The Cassels and Sons Brewery building stands on the banks of the Heathcote River. Prior to the arrival of the European the Heathcote River was a source of food for Maori. They called the River Opawaho and took from it fish, eels and wading birds.

C&S Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Beer of the Week - Alchemist

Beer of the Week - Cassels & Sons Alchemist

Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers

Imagine this if you will... you're in a small town dancehall, sometime in 1930s Texas. It's hot, the beer and the bourbon are flowing, and it's packed to the rafters with people wanting to dance away the hard times. All that's needed is the music to get them moving. Thankfully, Dev'lish Mary and her Lame Horse Layabouts are here, tuning up their instruments for an evening's wild and raucous country dance music.

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 22:00

Organic Ale (Mikes Organic Brewery)

mikes organic aleCrafted in the style of an English dark mild ale.

MOB Organic Ale has an alluring deep dark brown colour and bright ruby hue, forming a rich coffee coloured creamy head.

The aroma features strong coffee, chocolate and roasted barley characters which are abundant in it’s full round flavour.

Bitterness is gentle and it’s mouth-feel is as smooth as suede while the lingering roasted flavours ensure your enjoyment is long lasting. The subtle carbonation means that this beer can be enjoyed with a meal without bloating the drinker.

Kortegast Sparkling Ale (Wigram Brewing)

kortegastThe Wigram Brewing Company wishes to advise that our Red Sparkling Ale Full Strength Beer has been crafted from Historical Hops which were discovered still growing on the banks of the Hokitika River. The original hops were grown by a pioneer Hokitika brewer, Mr William CJ Kortegast. His Crown Brewery was one of the very first West Coast Breweries.

Cassels & Sons Milk Stout

Cassels & Sons Milk Stout

Cassels & Sons Milk Stout 5.2%
Sweet Stout Wins Out
(Carl Hadler)
Dispensed by a traditional handpump, this beer was the gold medal and trophy winner for the best cask conditioned beer at the 2011 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards. And if you’re thinking dry and bitter, like that famous Irish stout - forget it!
Pouring an intense black hue beneath a deep, tan coloured head, the aroma is appetisingly rich, with a sweetish, mocha-like combination of chocolate and coffee notes dominating. Creamy and smooth, with just an edge of sweetness, the combines milk chocolate, caramel and soft fruity esters and leads into a cleansing finish with an ashy, charred malt note and suggestion of tart hops. 

CBD Bar brings new life to Chch (Press)

CBD BarChristchurch is finally moving away from container bars, but the latest offering may not be permanent. The CBD Bar, housed in a historic Madras St building, will open tonight. 

Cassels & Sons Best Bitter

Cassels & Sons Best Bitter 4.3%: Cask conditioned and served from a traditional handpump, this beer pours a bright amber hue with a thin white head. The aroma is sweet and fruity with lemon curd and grape combining with luscious cookie-like malt notes. In the mouth the beer is medium-bodied and drier than the nose suggests, with lemon zest and stonefruit sitting on top of the malt before the bitterness and drying effect of the hops wins out to leave an emphatic appetising finish. Tending more towards a pale ale than a bitter, this beer is a great match for most flavoursome English cheeses. Otherwise, try it with a classic Kiwi meat pie or a well loaded burger.
Geoff Griggs – October 2011

Woolston Eyes the Trendy Shoppers

How long before some wise guy decides that Woolston should be renamed faux-Pawa?

Long synonymous with industry at its dirtiest, the Christchurch suburb of Woolston is in the tricky business of reinventing itself as a middle-class destination.

CBD Bar a new Cassels & Sons Venture

Join CBD Bar on Facebook. A year after opening a suburban pub and restaurant to sell their beer after the earthquakes, the Cassels family is putting the finishing touches to three new central-city bars.Joe, Alasdair and Zak outside the new CBD BarFresh from their success at The Brewery on an old Woolston tannery site, the family is spending $1 million fitting out a historic Madras St building and will open its first outlet there next month.